Why Am I Losing Heat?

Do you notice anything unusual as you move from one room to another?  You know, like significant variations in temperature?  It’s a common enough problem, and yet one that often goes ignored as people simply get used to it.

Still, if indoor temperature changes bother you, rest assured the problem can be identified and corrected?  Here are some easy self-diagnostics to help you get a jump on things:

  • Walk around the house to see if heat loss is occurring throughout, or if it’s confined to a single zone. If the latter is the case, check the thermostat to see if someone accidentally shut it off or turned it down. If it’s set at the normal temperature and delivering heat, you still could have a problem thermostat (or furnace) on your hands.
  • After checking your thermostats, see if your heating system is receiving power. Yes, as basic and as that might sound, pets can accidentally unplug a furnace or, a breaker switch can flip, thus needing to be reset.
  • Try raising the thermostat temperature that affects the area where you feel uncomfortably cold.
  • Put your hand near all heating vents or registers to determine if you have a system-wide or more isolated problem.
  • Check your furnace filter to see if it’s dirty or clogged. If so, clean or replace it as appropriate.
  • Also, check windows and doors for air leaks. Maybe your furnace and thermostats are fine but can’t keep up with the cold air infiltrating where heat loss can be prevented.

Each possible cause of heat loss is easily correctable. So, if you’re shivering your timbers when all you want is comfort and warmth, contact Tru-Comfort today. We’ll accurately diagnose the problem – if there is one – and give you a guaranteed upfront price quote to fix it.  What’s more, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction.