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Water Heater Repair | Water Heater Inspection

Tru-Comfort Provides All the Hot Water You Need.

Some household plumbing can be described as a luxury item, added convenience, or both. But most of it is essential, like your water heater.

At Tru-Comfort, we service and repair all makes of gas, electric, and tankless water heaters.  So, if you’re having a repair issue right now, Tru-Comfort is ready to take your call and get to work just as quickly as we can.

Another service we offer is water heater performance and safety inspections. Take the case of a gas storage tank water heater, just as one example. With an average lifespan of 8-12 years, it just makes sense to keep it in the best working shape possible.  That way, you can look forward to fewer repair problems and a longer system  lifespan.

Gas water heaters also need to be inspected periodically for possible safety breaches, such as a gas or carbon monoxide leak. Those are problems no one wants to face, and we do our best to ensure you never will. 

New Water Heater | Replacement Water Heater

Water heaters are more energy efficient than ever before, and that goes for gas storage tank, electric storage tank, and gas tankless systems alike.

Here at Tru-Comfort, we install them all.  But before doing so, we give you a range of options to ensure that your hot water needs are met and you’re comfortable with our guaranteed upfront price quote.

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