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Programmable Thermostat | Home Zone Control System

How to Enjoy Added Comfort, Flexibility, and Savings.

If your heating and cooling systems operate from a single thermostat, you could be paying way too much in energy costs and/or sacrificing needed comfort to keep your energy bills in line.

Why settle when you can have the best of all worlds, especially with Tru-Comfort as your home comfort partner.

With one or more new programmable thermostats, for example, you can save tons of energy when your entire house or certain rooms are unoccupied, and yet enjoy all the comfort you want the rest of the time. What’s more, many of today’s programmable thermostats come with their own mobile app. That means you can change temperature settings as your plans change for even greater flexibility no matter where you are, provided you have Wi-Fi access.

At your request, we’ll also recommend where additional zones and thermostats might help you save even more. With a zoned system replacing your single-thermostat temperature control, all thermostats will be connected to a main control panel that operates your heating and air conditioning system. The result is total control over your home’s environment.

For more information on how additional zoning and new programmable thermostats can help make your life a little easier and more affordable, contact Tru-Comfort today.