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New Heating System | New Furnace

 “…and the Children Settled Down for a Warm Night’s Sleep.”

There’s a little bit of fairy tale in all our lives. Sometimes, even fairy tale endings.

Take your home, for example, in the middle of winter. Don’t you breathe just a small sigh of relief each time you tuck your children in for the night, knowing they’re safe, sound, and warm in their own beds…and their own home?

Here at Tru-Comfort, it’s our job and pleasure to help create and sustain fairy tale moments like that, one successful heating system installation after another.

Our skill and experience shine through in everything we do leading up to and including the installation. Prior to the installation, we determine the right size system for your home to ensure maximum efficiency and energy savings.  If we’re installing a new style heating system – like gas-from-oil conversion or a heat pump – that has its own set of challenges.  And yet it’s nothing we haven’t experienced countless times already.

What’s more, your installation  will be handled with the utmost of precision and attention to detail, just as generations of Lehigh Valley home owners have come to expect from Tru-Comfort.


New Heating System Options | Heating System Installation

In addition, Tru-Comfort offers you several different options to heat or heat and cool your home all with one highly efficient HVAC system:

  • Gas furnaces (forced air heating)
  • Boilers (baseboard heating)
  • Oil-to-gas conversions
  • Ductless air systems (combined heating and cooling)
  • Air source heat pumps (combined heating and cooling)

With Total Comfort, you also can look forward to:

  • Multiple new system options to help ensure you get what you need, and well within your budget
  • Optional new system financing
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Ongoing system maintenance to help keep your system in top working order
  • Participation in our Preferred Customer Maintenance Agreement program which includes annual maintenance and other key benefits

Finally, we install only high quality systems, and use only high quality materials during installation and repair work.

Is your heating system on its last legs?  Then pick up the phone and call Total Comfort for an in-home consultation and proposal.  It will be our pleasure to serve you.