Ductless Air

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Ductless Air Conditioning | Ductless Mini-Splits

No Ducts? No Problem.

Many of our customers still bemoan their inability to have a central AC system.  Why? Because their homes have no air ducts, and it wouldn’t be practical to install them. Without air ducts, you also can’t have a forced air heating system.

But now, Tru-Comfort offers you the next best thing:  a ductless air system that can heat and cool your whole house, a new addition, or any amount of space in between. That means you get to enjoy all the advantages of central air and forced air heating, and all without air ducts.

Here’s why. Ductless air systems are anchored by outside condensing units, just as central AC systems are.  But that’s where the similarities end. You see, each ductless condensing unit connects to one or more wall-mounted blowers.  Each of these, in turn, delivers the conditioned air you want, at the temperature you desire, right where they’re installed.  One outside condensing unit, in fact, can support up to five wall blowers.

Here’s more to like about ductless air a ductless air system from Tru-Comfort:

  • They cost 30% to 50% less than most central AC systems
  • All systems custom designed to meet your exact indoor comfort needs
  • More energy efficient than separate heating and cooling systems
  • Remote control operation, one room at a time
  • Super quiet
  • Easy to maintain

Ductless Air Maintenance | Ductless Air Repair

Here at Tru-Comfort, we provide ongoing maintenance and precision repairs for all makes and models of ductless air systems.

Plus, we design new or replacement systems for whole-house or more limited applications.

To learn more about this highly innovative and flexible alternative to central AC and forced air heat, contact Tru-Comfort today.